T Cell Receptor Signaling Kinetics Takes the Stage (Movies)

Yuri Sykulev*

*Corresponding author. E-mail, ysykulev{at}

Movie 1. Pathway of granule secretion in CD8+ CTLs. Rapid kinetics of TCR-mediated Ca2+ signaling in CD8+ CTLs results in swift recruitment of cytolytic granules to the MTOC prior to its polarization. Subsequent polarization of the MTOC delivers the granules directly to the secretory domain by the shortest path and polarized granules are observed in the center of cytolytic synapse.

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Movie 2. Pathway of granule secretion in CD4+ CTLs. In CD4+ CTLs, a slow kinetics of Ca2+ signaling fails to promote rapid recruitment of granules to the MTOC, which becomes polarized before the granules reach it. The granules then travel to the periphery of the immunological synapse and are observed over the ring junction (pSMAC). This is the long path of granule secretion.

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Citation: Y. Sykulev, T Cell Receptor Signaling Kinetics Takes the Stage. Sci. Signal. 3, pe50 (2010).

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