Science Signaling Podcast: 24 May 2011

Participants: James F. Martin, Valeri Vasioukhin, Mark R. Silvis, and Annalisa M. VanHook

Conversations about a Research Report published in the 22 April 2011 issue of Science and a Research Article published in the 24 May 2011 issue of Science Signaling.

Highlighted articles:

T. Heallen, M. Zhang, J. Wang, M. Bonilla-Claudio, E. Klysik, R. L. Johnson, J. F. Martin, Hippo Pathway Inhibits Wnt Signaling to Restrain Cardiomyocyte Proliferation and Heart Size. Science 332, 458-461 (2011).

M. R. Silvis, B. T. Kreger, W.-H. Lien, O. Klezovitch, G. M. Rudakova, F. D. Camargo, D. M. Lantz, J. T. Seykora, V. Vasioukhin, α-Catenin Is a Tumor Suppressor That Controls Cell Accumulation by Regulating the Localization and Activity of the Transcriptional Coactivator Yap1. Sci. Signal. 4, ra33 (2011).

Length: 16 minutes

File size: 9.9 MB

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