miR-221/222 Targeting of Trichorhinophalangeal 1 (TRPS1) Promotes Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Breast Cancer (Slideshow)

Susanna Stinson,* Mark R. Lackner,* Alex T. Adai,* Nancy Yu, Hyo-Jin Kim, Carol O'Brien, Jill Spoerke, Suchit Jhunjhunwala, Zachary Boyd, Thomas Januario, Robert J. Newman, Peng Yue, Richard Bourgon, Zora Modrusan, Howard M. Stern, Søren Warming, Frederic J. de Sauvage, Lukas Amler, Ru-Fang Yeh, and David Dornan†

*These authors contributed equally to this work

†Presenter and corresponding author. E-mail: dornan.david{at}


These slides were presented by David Dornan at the Keystone Symposium on Epithelial Plasticity and Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition, Vancouver, Canada, 21 to 26 January 2011. They also complement the Science Signaling Research Article by Stinson et al. published 14 June 2011. The data presented may include unpublished materials that have not been peer-reviewed.

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Citation: S. Stinson, M. R. Lackner, A. T. Adai, N. Yu, H.-J. Kim, C. O'Brien, J. Spoerke, S. Jhunjhunwala, Z. Boyd, T. Januario, R. J. Newman, P. Yue, R. Bourgon, Z. Modrusan, H. M. Stern, S. Warming, F. J. de Sauvage, L. Amler, R.-F. Yeh, D. Dornan, miR-221/222 targeting of trichorhinophalangeal 1 (TRPS1) promotes EMT in breast cancer. Sci. Signal. 4, pt5 (2011).

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