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Bistability in Biochemical Signaling Models (Slides, Problem Set, Answer Key)

Eric A. Sobie*

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Slides. Bistability in biochemical siganling models. This Presentation contains slides for two lectures in a graduate course on computational biology. The lectures discuss concepts underlying bistability in biochemical signaling networks.

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Problem set. Two MATLAB files for performing computational analysis of bistability. “ratebalance.m”, which generates rate balance plots for cases with (i) no feedback or (ii) ultrasensitive feedback, and “repression.m”, which consists of an ODE model of a generic two variable system with mutual repression.

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Answer Key. The answer key for the problem set can be obtained by completing the “Request Resource” form. The answer key includes four MATLAB files and a PDF showing the graphs.

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Citation: E. A. Sobie, Bistability in Biochemical Signaling Models. Sci. Signal. 4, tr10 (2011).

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