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Computational Modeling of the Cell Cycle

Eric A. Sobie*

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Slides. This Presentation contains slides for a lecture in a graduate course on computational biology. The lecture discusses a mathematical model of the eukaryotic cell cycle.

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MATLAB Code. Three MATLAB files for performing computational modeling of the cell cycle. “tyson.m” uses Euler’s method to solve the system of ODEs; “tyson_ode.m”, is an incomplete program that sets up a solution using MATLAB’s solvers; and “dydt_tyson.m” is an incomplete function that is called by “tyson_ode.m”. These three files are used as part of the student assignment.

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Answer Key. Biomedical Modeling: Cell Cycle Problem Set Answer Key files. The answer key and the MATLAB files (“dydt_tyson_complete.m”, “tyson_complete.m”, “tyson_part2.m”) corresponding to the answers for the problem set can be obtained by completing the “Request Resource” form.

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Citation: E. A. Sobie, Computational modeling of the cell cycle. Sci. Signal. 4, tr11 (2011).

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