Science Signaling Podcast: 31 July 2012

Participants: Susan K. Pierce and Annalisa M. VanHook

A conversation about a Research Article published in the 31 July 2012 issue of Science Signaling.

Highlighted article:

W. Liu, E. Chen, X. W. Zhao, Z. P. Wan, Y. R. Gao, A. Davey, E. Huang, L. Zhang, J. Crocetti, G. Sandoval, M. G. Joyce, C. Miceli, J. Lukszo, L. Aravind, W. Swat, J. Brzostowski, S. K. Pierce, The Scaffolding Protein Synapse-Associated Protein 97 Is Required for Enhanced Signaling Through Isotype-Switched IgG Memory B Cell Receptors. Sci. Signal. 5, ra54 (2012).

Length: 15 minutes

File size: 8.5 MB

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