Science Signaling Podcast: 30 October 2012

Participants: Yotis A. Senis and Annalisa M. VanHook

A conversation about a Research Article published in the 30 October 2012 issue of Science Signaling.

Highlighted article:

A. Mazharian, Y.-J. Wang, J. Mori, D. Bem, B. Finney, S. Heising, P. Gissen, J. G. White, M. C. Berndt, E. E. Gardiner, B. Nieswandt, M R. Douglas, R. D. Campbell, S. P. Watson, Y. A. Senis, Mice Lacking the ITIM-Containing Receptor G6b-B Exhibit Macrothrombocytopenia and Aberrant Platelet Function. Sci. Signal. 5, ra78 (2012).

Length: 17 minutes

File size: 9.6 MB

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