Science Signaling Podcast:

Participants: Geoffrey W. Abbott and Annalisa M. VanHook

A conversation about a Research Article published in the 4 March 2014 issue of Science Signaling.

Highlighted article:

G. W. Abbott, K.-K. Tai, D. L. Neverisky, A. Hansler, Z. Hu, T. K. Roepke, D. J. Lerner, Q. Chen, L. Liu, B. Zupan, M. Toth, R. Haynes, X. Huang, D. Demirbas, R. Buccafusca, S. S. Gross, V. A. Kanda, G. T. Berry, KCNQ1, KCNE2, and Na+-Coupled Solute Transporters Form Reciprocally Regulating Complexes That Affect Neuronal Excitability. Sci. Signal. 7, ra22 (2014).

Length: 20 minutes

File size: 11.4 MB

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