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Separation of Conjoined Hormones Yields Appetite Rivals

Science, 11 November 2005
Vol. 310, Issue 5750, p. 985-986
DOI: 10.1126/science.1121214

Separation of Conjoined Hormones Yields Appetite Rivals

  1. Ruben Nogueiras,
  2. Matthias Tschöp*
  1. The authors are in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45237, USA, and the Department of Pharmacology, German Institute of Human Nutrition, 14558 Nuthetal, Germany. E-mail: tschoemh{at}


In their Perspective, Nogueiras and Tschöp discuss the study of Zhang et al. that has identified obestatin, a new hormone regulator of energy balance. Obestatin suppresses food intake, body weight gain, and gastrointestinal motility in rodents. The paradox is that obestatin is derived from a precursor peptide that also yields ghrelin, a hormone that increases appetite and body weight.


R. Nogueiras and M. Tschöp, Separation of Conjoined Hormones Yields Appetite Rivals. Science 310, 985-986 (2005).

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