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Editors' Choice

Nancy R. Gough
10 November 2009: ec357.
Oxidized products of linoleic acid are endogenous ligands of TRPV1, a channel that activates nerves that signal pain. Abstract »  
Wei Wong
10 November 2009: ec358.
TGF-β signaling causes metastasizing breast cancer cells to change from collective to single cell movement. Abstract »  
Elizabeth M. Adler
10 November 2009: ec359.
HMGBs are necessary for innate immune responses mediated by different types of nucleic acid–sensitive receptors. Abstract »  
John F. Foley
10 November 2009: ec360.
IFT20, a component of the intraflagellar transport system, mediates recycling of T cell receptor complexes at the immunological synapse. Abstract »  
Pamela Hines
10 November 2009: ec361.
The bacterial trigger for a rice innate immune response is identified. Abstract »  
Caroline Ash
10 November 2009: ec362.
A specific virus encodes membrane components that broadcast cell death and population demise of its coccolithophore host. Abstract »  
Valda Vinson
10 November 2009: ec363.
Small molecules that promote a procaspase conformation susceptible to activation by proteolysis have been identified. Abstract »  
Kristen Mueller
10 November 2009: ec364.
The absence of two transcription factors allows long-term propagation of a differentiated immune cell population that is nontumorigenic. Abstract »  
L. Bryan Ray
10 November 2009: ec365.
Proper regulation of acetylation of the nuclear receptor FXR is lost in metabolic disease. Abstract »  


Editorial Guides

Wei Wong
10 November 2009: eg14.
Cells use diverse signaling pathways to sense and respond to stress. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  



Solomon H. Snyder and Annalisa M. VanHook
10 November 2009: pc20.
The gasotransmitter hydrogen sulfide signals by sulfhydrating target proteins. Abstract »   Full Text »   Podcast »  


Research Articles

Asif K. Mustafa, Moataz M. Gadalla, Nilkantha Sen, Seyun Kim, Weitong Mu, Sadia K. Gazi, Roxanne K. Barrow, Guangdong Yang, Rui Wang, and Solomon H. Snyder
10 November 2009: ra72.
The gaseous messenger hydrogen sulfide regulates target proteins through S-sulfhydration of cysteine residues. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  



Joseph A. Garcia
10 November 2009: pe70.
β2-adrenergic receptor density is regulated by oxygen availability. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  
Kirsten Jung and Heinrich Jung
10 November 2009: pe71.
A protein kinase phosphorylates arginine residues in a transcriptional factor during the bacterial heat shock response. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  
D. Thomas Rutkowski
10 November 2009: pe72.
A transcriptional co-regulator links gluconeogenesis and ER stress responses in the liver. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  
Yosef Shiloh
10 November 2009: pe73.
FBXO31 is a damage-induced checkpoint protein that enhances cyclin D1 degradation in response to genotoxic stress. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  
Kazuhiro Shiozaki
10 November 2009: pe74.
Crosstalk between TOR and MAPK signaling pathways determines mitotic onset in fission yeast during nutrition stress. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  
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