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Editors' Choice

Nancy R. Gough
16 March 2010: ec77.
B cells recruited by dying prostate cancer cells trigger the development of androgen-resistant tumor cells. Abstract »  
Elizabeth M. Adler
16 March 2010: ec78.
Tryptophan metabolism to kynurenine represents a previously unknown pathway for regulation of blood pressure during systemic inflammation. Abstract »  
John F. Foley
16 March 2010: ec79.
The interaction between cytochrome c and Apaf-1 is blocked by tRNA, thus inhibiting the activation of caspases. Abstract »  
Wei Wong
16 March 2010: ec80.
Actin and ezrin networks limit signaling through the BCR by restricting its mobility. Abstract »  
Valda Vinson
16 March 2010: ec81.
Mechanical forces acting on a cell-surface receptor affect the activation of a signaling pathway involved in breast cancer. Abstract »  
Annalisa M. VanHook
16 March 2010: ec82.
Thalidomide binding to a component of an E3 ubiquitin ligase induces developmental defects in vertebrates. Abstract »  
Nancy R. Gough
16 March 2010: ec83.
Bradykinin released during exercise stimulates nerve growth factor production by muscle, which sensitizes pain nerves and leads to delayed muscle soreness. Abstract »  
L. Bryan Ray
16 March 2010: ec84.
Models of metabolic regulation show how the stability of specific components is maintained within a varying environment. Abstract »  



Vann Bennett and Annalisa M. VanHook
16 March 2010: pc6.
Reduction of ankyrin-B activity impairs maximal insulin release and is a risk factor for diabetes. Abstract »   Full Text »   Podcast »  


Research Articles

Jane A. Healy, Kent R. Nilsson, Hans E. Hohmeier, Jelena Berglund, Jonathan Davis, Janis Hoffman, Martin Kohler, Luo-Sheng Li, Per-Olof Berggren, Christopher B. Newgard, and Vann Bennett
16 March 2010: ra19.
The scaffolding protein ankyrin-B is needed for maximal insulin release, and loss of function is a risk factor for diabetes. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  
Tian-Rui Xu, Vladislav Vyshemirsky, Amélie Gormand, Alex von Kriegsheim, Mark Girolami, George S. Baillie, Dominic Ketley, Allan J. Dunlop, Graeme Milligan, Miles D. Houslay, and Walter Kolch
16 March 2010: ra20.
Bayesian inference–based modeling identifies the most likely paths through a signaling network. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  
Rajendra Kumar Gurumurthy, André P. Mäurer, Nikolaus Machuy, Simone Hess, Klaus P. Pleissner, Johannes Schuchhardt, Thomas Rudel, and Thomas F. Meyer
16 March 2010: ra21.
An siRNA-based screen of host factors that influence infection by Chlamydia reveals the decoupling of the canonical Ras-ERK signaling pathway. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  
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