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Editors' Choice

Wei Wong
10 April 2012: ec104.
Vitamin E supplementation may cause decreased bone mass. Abstract »  
Annalisa M. VanHook
10 April 2012: ec105.
Changes in glycosaminoglycan abundance and function are associated with altered growth factor signaling in aged heart muscle. Abstract »  
John F. Foley
10 April 2012: ec106.
Oxidized DNA released from damaged mitochondria directly activates the NLRP3 inflammasome to stimulate inflammation. Abstract »  
Kristen L. Mueller
10 April 2012: ec107.
Damage to the thymus caused by infection or radiation is reversed by a cytokine. Abstract »  
Pamela J. Hines
10 April 2012: ec108.
Morning and evening components of circadian rhythms are coordinated and stabilized by a repressor. Abstract »  



Maiken Nedergaard, Katsuhiko Mikoshiba, and Annalisa M. VanHook
10 April 2012: pc8.
New findings elucidate mechanisms by which astrocytes can modulate neuronal activity. Abstract »   Full Text »   Podcast »  


Research Articles

Debbie Willoughby, Katy L. Everett, Michelle L. Halls, Jonathan Pacheco, Philipp Skroblin, Luis Vaca, Enno Klussmann, and Dermot M. F. Cooper
10 April 2012: ra29.
A signaling complex enables the compartmentalized regulation of cyclic AMP signaling by calcium entering through a specific channel. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  
Woo-Jeong Jeong, Juyong Yoon, Jong-Chan Park, Soung-Hoon Lee, Seung-Hoon Lee, Saluja Kaduwal, Hoguen Kim, Jong-Bok Yoon, and Kang-Yell Choi
10 April 2012: ra30.
Crosstalk between the Wnt/β-catenin and the MAPK pathways contributes to colon cancer. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  



Daniele Guardavaccaro and Hans Clevers
10 April 2012: pe15.
The crosstalk between two signaling pathways can be either pro- or anti-oncogenic, depending on the type of cancer. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  
For all checked items

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