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Editors' Choice

Wei Wong
8 May 2012: ec127.
A receptor that mediates engulfment of damaged neurons is inhibited by an alternatively spliced isoform. Abstract »  
Ernesto Andrianantoandro
8 May 2012: ec128.
Elastic properties of the extracellular matrix and nonpolarized signaling govern how cells migrate in three-dimensional environments. Abstract »  
Annalisa M. VanHook
8 May 2012: ec129.
A secreted insulin-like peptide couples developmental timing to organ growth in the fruit fly. Abstract »  
L. Bryan Ray
8 May 2012: ec130.
A key design principle of bacterial metabolic networks is optimal performance, but not at the expense of adaptability. Abstract »  
L. Bryan Ray
8 May 2012: ec131.
Imaging reveals single-channel openings of cation channels at the heart of endothelial cell–mediated blood pressure control. Abstract »  
Paula A. Kiberstis
8 May 2012: ec132.
Gene expression in mice can be activated remotely and noninvasively by radio-wave heating of nanoparticles. Abstract »  
Guy Riddihough
8 May 2012: ec133.
"Naked" chromosome ends are mistakenly targeted by six different DNA repair–related systems in the cell. Abstract »  


Editorial Guides

Wei Wong
8 May 2012: eg6.
Research and commentary highlight the use of structural analysis to understand signaling molecules and events. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  



Mark T. Nelson and Annalisa M. VanHook
8 May 2012: pc10.
Maximal blood vessel dilation can be induced by calcium influx through just a few channel molecules in vascular endothelial cells. Abstract »   Full Text »   Podcast »  


Research Articles

Arye Elfenbein, Anthony Lanahan, Theresa X. Zhou, Alisa Yamasaki, Eugene Tkachenko, Michiyuki Matsuda, and Michael Simons
8 May 2012: ra36.
Macropinocytosis controls the kinetics of endothelial signaling initiated by a fibroblast growth factor receptor. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  
Kui Lin, Jie Lin, Wen-I Wu, Joshua Ballard, Brian B. Lee, Susan L. Gloor, Guy P. A. Vigers, Tony H. Morales, Lori S. Friedman, Nicholas Skelton, and Barbara J. Brandhuber
8 May 2012: ra37.
ATP and ATP-competitive inhibitors prevent dephosphorylation of the kinase Akt. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  



Sean J. Humphrey and David E. James
8 May 2012: pe20.
ATP and ADP regulate a conformational switch that determines the kinase activity of Akt. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  



8 May 2012: er3.
The position of flagellin in the figure is corrected. Full Text »   PDF »  
For all checked items

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