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Editors' Choice

Annalisa M. VanHook
7 May 2013: ec101.
Two kinases independently sense reduced respiration to initiate biofilm formation in Bacillus subtilis. Abstract »  
L. Bryan Ray
7 May 2013: ec102.
Structures of serotonin receptor family members in complex with the fungal alkaloid ergot offer clues for drug designers. Abstract »  
Nancy R. Gough
7 May 2013: ec103.
EphA2 can promote collective or single-cell invasive phenotypes depending on its cleavage status. Abstract »  
Leslie K. Ferrarelli
7 May 2013: ec104.
The inflammatory cytokine osteopontin stimulates the transcription factor GLI1 to promote multidrug resistance and the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. Abstract »  


Journal Club

Lily A. Chylek
7 May 2013: jc2.
Computational modeling sheds light on the interplay of phosphorylation and diffusion in cell signaling. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  



Hilmar Bading and Annalisa M. VanHook
7 May 2013: pc12.
Calcium signaling is required for long-term memory in fruit flies. Abstract »   Full Text »   Podcast »  


Research Articles

Shingo Mutoh, Mack Sobhany, Rick Moore, Lalith Perera, Lee Pedersen, Tatsuya Sueyoshi, and Masahiko Negishi
7 May 2013: ra31.
The epidermal growth factor receptor is an unexpected target of the barbiturate phenobarbital. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  
Manabu Kurokawa, Jiyeon Kim, Joseph Geradts, Kenkyo Matsuura, Liu Liu, Xu Ran, Wenle Xia, Thomas J. Ribar, Ricardo Henao, Mark W. Dewhirst, Wun-Jae Kim, Joseph E. Lucas, Shaomeng Wang, Neil L. Spector, and Sally Kornbluth
7 May 2013: ra32.
Inhibition of the ubiquitin E3 ligase MDM2 in breast cancer cells could overcome lapatinib resistance. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  
Jan-Marek Weislogel, C. Peter Bengtson, Michaela K. Müller, Jan N. Hörtzsch, Martina Bujard, Christoph M. Schuster, and Hilmar Bading
7 May 2013: ra33.
Blocking nuclear calcium signaling reversibly inhibits long-term memory formation in flies. Editor's Summary »   Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »   Supplementary Materials »  



Sharon A. Meyer and Randy L. Jirtle
7 May 2013: pe16.
The direct interaction of phenobarbital with the epidermal growth factor receptor reveals a new network interface in nuclear receptor signaling. Abstract »   Full Text »   PDF »  



7 May 2013: er2.
An error in the figure of the representation of the TRPC channel is corrected. Full Text »   PDF »  
For all checked items

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