Table 1 Drugs targeting the UPR.

Names, structures, and target of molecules identified to target directly the ATF6 (green), IRE1 (pink), or PERK (yellow) pathways. All the molecules indicated are inhibitors except for compounds 147 and 263 that activate ATF6.

ATF616F16Embedded ImagePDI(58)
CeapinsEmbedded ImageATF6(126, 127)
Compound 147Embedded ImageActivators of
Compound 263Embedded Image
IRE14μ8cEmbedded ImageIRE1 RNase(129)
MKC analogsEmbedded ImageIRE1 RNase(130133)
Embedded ImageIRE1 RNase(130)
KIRA6Embedded ImageIRE1 kinase(134)
STF-083010Embedded ImageIRE1 RNase(135)
Compound 3Embedded ImageIRE1 kinase(136)
PERKGSK2656157Embedded ImagePERK(44)
ISRIBEmbedded ImageeIF2β(137)
SalubrinalEmbedded ImageGADD34 (PP1c)(138)
GuanabenzEmbedded ImageGADD34 (PP1c)(139)
Sephin 1/IFB-088Embedded ImageGADD34 (PP1c)(140)