To search the available advertisements, fill in any or all of the fields, and click the "Search" button. The results of your career search will be displayed on the Science Careers site. Additional search categories and job-oriented tools are available at Science Careers.


  • You need enter only significant words.
  • Use the truncation symbol * to find singular and plural forms and other word variations: inhibit* retrieves inhibit, inhibits, inhibitor, inhibitors, inhibition, but not inhibin.
  • You may match any or all key words entered and may limit a keyword search with the "-" sign. For instance, postdoctoral -molecular will find the subset of advertisements for postdoctoral positions that do not use the term "molecular".
  • You may search either the title of advertisements or the entire text.
  • You may sort searches by relevance or by date.


  • You may search by individual countries.
  • Within the United States, you may search by geographic regions, including "Northeast", "Midatlantic", "Midwest", "Southeast", "Southwest", and "West", by accessing the drop-down menu.
  • "Africa" includes countries on the continent of Africa, such as Egypt, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, and others.
  • "Radius" requires that you select a city or a zip code from which to extend the radius.


  • You may search "all" categories, one category, or multiple categories. To select more than one category, hold down the Ctrl key (PCs) or the Command key (Macs).
  • Multi-disciplinary advertisements may appear in more than one category.