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Full Text (PDF): Science Signaling Perspectives, Reviews, Protocols, Editorial Guides, Connections Maps Overviews, and articles in the Virtual Journal have a downloadable and printable PDF view. Some Teaching Resources also have a PDF view. PDFs require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, but are designed for optimal readability and printed quality.

Print View: Resources that have an abstract or summary view only and do not have a PDF view have a Print View. Choosing this option will format the page eliminating unnecessary navigation to provide a version of the resource that can be printed using the browser's print function.

Web Pages: Some pages do not have a print view or a PDF, for example supplemental materials, various pages in the Resources section or Community section of the site, lists of selected abstracts, search results, index pages, and table of contents pages. To print those pages, use the browser's print function by selecting "Print" from the "File" menu.

Using Adobe Reader

To view the PDF version of an article, click on the "Full Text (PDF)" link. If the Acrobat Reader is present on your hard disk and if your browser is configured to open PDF files in Acrobat, you will retrieve a version of the article that looks very much like a printed journal's article. Use the Adobe Reader buttons to save or print the PDF.

PDF files can be very large and retrieving them may take several minutes. The speed depends primarily on the speed of your network connection, the volume of Internet traffic, and the speed of your own computer. You must display the PDF version in the Acrobat Reader before it can be printed. If you encounter problems opening a particular PDF, close any other open PDF documents before opening a new one.

To download the free Adobe Reader, go to the Adobe Download page and follow the instructions on that page to download and install the software.