Connection Map Legends

Legend: Click on the shapes representing the signaling components to access detailed information. Click on any relation symbol to access detailed information. Click on triangle-shaped components to navigate to another connected pathway. To view the pathway using scalable vector graphics (SVG), which allows you to zoom and move within the pathway, download SVG Viewer free from Adobe. SVG works best with Windows running Netscape Navigator or Communicator versions 4.0 through 4.75, or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. SVG is not yet compatible with Safari or Mozilla browsers nor on Macintosh computers. [Help with Connections Maps structure or SVG]

Components: Different shapes indicate different types of signaling components. Triangles represent components connected to other pathways; Boxes inside a diamond represent token components that stand for a group or class or molecules. Colors indicate component localization, which is a rough guide for orientation on the map, as many components change locations during signaling.

Relations: + (stimulatory), - (inhibitory), 0 (neutral), ? (undefined)
Increasing darkness of the line, with light gray representing the lowest confidence (speculative) and black representing the highest confidence (demonstrated), represents confidence in a relation.

CM Color Legend

CM Shapes