15 April 2008
Vol 1, Issue 15
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      • Bacterial TIR Domains

        Bacteria interfere with Toll-like receptor signaling by secreting proteins with TIR domains that compete with the MyD88 adaptor.

      • Follow the Endothelin

        Endothelin derived from blood vessels helps direct sympathetic neurons to their target organs.

      • Keeping Axons on Track

        In mice, axons carrying signals from spinal cord to muscle are kept separate from those going in the opposite direction by ephrin signaling between them.

      • Slow Breathing

        AKAP121 degradation leads to decreased mitochondrial metabolism under hypoxic conditions.

      • Balancing Stability and Dynamics

        Precise control of adhesive properties is essential for collective migration.

      • Bcl2 Blocks DNA Repair

        In the nucleus, Bcl2 interacts with apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease 1 (APE1) to inhibit DNA repair.

      • Radioprotection: Taking the Toll Road

        A drug that triggers the pathway that cancer cells use to avoid death can protect healthy cells from the harmful effects of radiation treatment.

      • Fast Receptors in Every Respect

        Desensitized glutamate receptors are exchanged for functional ones through lateral movement within membranes to help maintain fast excitatory neurotransmission.

About The Cover

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COVER This week's issue includes a Review that discusses the importance of the interactions between Eph receptors and their membrane-bound ephrin ligands in normal and oncogenic development. The image shows EphB2 (green) in a complex with ephrin A5 (blue) and is adapted from PDB structure 1shw. [Image: Christopher Bickel, AAAS]