22 July 2008
Vol 1, Issue 29
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      • A Virulent Response to Losing Your Tail

        Signals encountered in the intestine may enable V. cholerae to express virulence factors at precisely the right time and place.

      • Facilitating Multicellularity

        The emergence of tyrosine kinase signaling systems coincides with the emergence of multicellularity and may have evolved from serine-threonine kinase systems.

      • Positive Peroxidation

        Lipid peroxidation products of ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) prevent inflammation by inhibiting NF-κB signaling.

      • More Feedback Keeps It Going

        Analysis of single cells reveals two positive feedback loops in driving cells to divide.

      • Phosphorylation Inside-Out

        A newly described type of protein kinase found in the Golgi phosphorylates signaling proteins on amino acids that are destined to be within extracellular domains.

      • Sleepless in Drosophila

        A search for genetic modulators of sleep in Drosophila identified a gene encoding a brain protein that is likely secreted and is required for recovery from sleep deprivation.

      • Nailing a Riboswitch

        The bacterial second messenger cyclic di-GMP controls a wide variety of cellular functions by acting on a riboswitch motif in numerous mRNAs.

      • Doubled-Up Decision

        Two transcription factors cooperate to ensure the correct functioning of CD8+ T cells during the response to infection.

      • Dead but Not Deadly

        Oxidation of an immunogenic protein during apoptosis helps apoptotic cells avoid activating the adaptive immune system.

About The Cover

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COVER This week's issue features a Review that describes a new method of drug discovery that focuses on those host proteins that are targeted by a given pathogen because they are essential to that pathogen's infection strategy. The image shows Listeria, one of the pathogens discussed in the Review. [Image: PHOTOTAKE Inc./Alamy]