04 November 2008
Vol 1, Issue 44
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    • Review

      • NAADP: A Universal Ca2+ Trigger

        NAADP elicits an initial release of calcium, which is subsequently amplified through the action of other calcium messengers.

    • Editors' Choice

      • Thrombin Targets Notch Signaling

        Cleavage of the Notch ligand Jagged1 by thrombin appears to promote nonclassical release of fibroblast growth factor 1 by inhibiting Notch signaling.

      • PRMT Versus Akt for FOXO

        FOXO transcriptional activity is promoted by arginine methylation, which blocks phosphorylation by Akt.

      • TRPM7 and T Cell Development

        A cation channel that conducts both Ca2+ and Mg2+ is unexpectedly required for normal mouse development, specifically for proper maturation of the thymus and T cells.

      • Transporter in Action

        The structure of a membrane transporter in an open state suggests that inward- and outward-facing cavities reciprocally open and close coordinated by two transmembrane segments.

      • Of Glia and Senses

        Non-neural glial cells are required for the normal operation of the main sensory organ of a nematode, influencing neuronal shape and function, as well as behavior.

About The Cover

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COVER This week's issue features a Review about NAADP and how it contributes to calcium signaling. The image is a crystal of the CD38 protein bound to NAD, the NAADP precursor. [Image: Christopher Bickel, AAAS]