12 September 2017
Vol 10, Issue 496
  • Research Articles

  • Editors' Choice

    • Papers of note in Science 357 (6355)

      This week’s articles describe an alternative mechanism of secretion that is deployed by intestinal cells in the presence of pathogens; how the immune system protects the lungs from inhaled fungal spores; and metabolic reprogramming of tissue-resident antigen-presenting cells in the lung.

    • Papers of note in Nature 549 (7670)

      This week’s articles identify microbial metabolites that stimulate GPCRs; a transmembrane protein that maintains PD-L1 at the plasma membrane; immune enhancer elements that respond to specific extracellular signals; a signaling pathway that defines the right side of the vertebrate embryo; functions for ionotropic glutamate receptors in plants; and structural features of AMPA receptors during activation and desensitization.

About The Cover

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Online Cover This week features a Research Article that identifies an endogenous ligand for the orphan chemoattractant receptor GPR15. Mouse skin allostransplantation experiments suggest that the ligand, GPR15L, recruits T cells into the graft, and that targeting the GPR15-GPR15L interaction may help to treat inflammatory skin diseases. The image shows the detection of Gpr15l messenger RNA (blue) in the mouse colon. [Image: Suply et al./Science Signaling]