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Papers of note in Science 358 (6361)

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Science Signaling  24 Oct 2017:
Vol. 10, Issue 502, eaar2565
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aar2565

This week’s articles highlight the role of adrenergic nerves in cancer growth; natural polyreactive antibodies that recognize gut microbiota; and structural insights into mTORC1 and D4 dopamine receptor signaling.


Tumor angiogenesis gets nervous

Zahalka et al. found that neural signals promote prostate cancer growth by altering endothelial cell metabolism and inducing tumor angiogenesis (see the Perspective by Hayakawa and Wang).


Programmed recognition of microbiota

Bunker et al. identified inherently polyreactive antibodies that fuel homeostatic intestinal immunoglobulin A responses to the normal gut microbiota.


Structure of human mTORC1 components

De Araujo et al. report structural insights into nutrient and growth factor signaling at the lysosome.

A strategy for drug discovery

Wang et al. present high-resolution D4 dopamine receptor crystal structures that facilitate the discovery of new ligands.

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