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Papers of note in Science 358 (6367)

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Science Signaling  05 Dec 2017:
Vol. 10, Issue 508, eaar6318
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aar6318

This week’s articles focus on cross-talk between lung tumors and bone, the druggable kinome, and the structure of a DNA damage sensor.


A bona fide portrayal of tumor growth

Engblom et al. show that systemic cross-talk between tumor and bone can boost the growth of early-stage lung cancer in mice (see also Zhang and Lyden).


An atlas for drug interactions

Klaeger et al. unraveled the druggable kinome.


Holding a master regulator in check

Wang et al. report the cryo–electron microscopy structure of a DNA damage sensor complex that reveals its detailed architecture and regulatory mechanism.

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