13 April 2021
Vol 14, Issue 678

About The Cover

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Online Cover This week features a Research Article that shows that the mTORC2-mediated phosphorylation of an evolutionarily conserved motif called the TIM enables the maturation of AGC kinases. The image shows the alignment of the kinase domain (white) and C-terminal tails of PKCβII (cyan), PKCθ (blue), PKCη (green), Akt1 (red), and PKA (orange). Newly synthesized PKCβII dimerizes through the TIM, and phosphorylation of the TIM by mTORC2 abolishes this dimerization, ultimately leading to full catalytic activity of PKCβII. The TIM is located in an α-helix found in PKCβII but not other AGC kinases, which may explain the differential regulation of PKCs by mTORC2. [Image: Baffi et al./Science Signaling]