12 May 2009
Vol 2, Issue 70
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      • The Skinny on Blood Pressure?

        Macrophage-dependent secretion of VEGF-C stimulates the growth of lymphatic capillaries, thereby contributing to blood pressure homeostasis in the response to a high-salt diet.

      • Get Busy and Get Going

        The second messenger cAMP instructs the guanine nucleotide exchange factor Epac1 both to become activated and to move to the plasma membrane.

      • p110β Goes Nuclear

        The p110β catalytic subunit of PI3K regulates protein-protein interactions in DNA replication.

      • Infections and Defense

        An enzyme in tomato targets bacterial virulence to change the outcome of infection from susceptibility to immunity.

      • A Second Act for Antiandrogens

        A drug that binds to the androgen receptor acts by disrupting its activity in the cell nucleus.

About The Cover

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COVER This week's issue features a Research Article on TRPM1, an ion channel that is found predominantly in cells that produce the pigment melanin. The image shows the hands of individuals with differing amounts of melanin in their skin. [Image: Diamond Sky Images/Getty Images]