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A Kinase Upstream of IKK

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Science's STKE  18 Apr 2000:
Vol. 2000, Issue 28, pp. tw10
DOI: 10.1126/stke.2000.28.tw10

Tojima et al. identified NF-κB-activating kinase, NAK, based on homology to IKKα and IKKβ, which forms a complex that phosphorylates IκB and leads to IκB degradation and the activation of the NF-κB transcription factor. Despite sequence similarity, the authors propose that NAK functions in NF-κB activation upstream of IKK, because NAK appears to activate NF-κB through phosphorylation of IKKβ. Activation of NAK appears to be specifically mediated by stimuli that activate protein kinase C ϵ. The authors propose that NAK functions downstream of PKCϵ and upstream of IKK to stimulate NF-κB activity.

Tojima, Y., Fujimoto, A., Delhase, M., Chen, Y., Hatakeyama, S., Nakayama, K.-i., Kaneko, Y., Nimura, Y., Motoyama, N., Ikeda, K., Karin, M., Nakanishi, M. (2000) NAK is an IκB kinase-activating kinase. Nature 404: 778-782. [Online Journal]

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