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Setting Seed

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Science's STKE  25 Jul 2000:
Vol. 2000, Issue 42, pp. tw6
DOI: 10.1126/stke.2000.42.tw6

Intricate networks of signals define the boundaries that develop between groups of developing cells and later tissues, as they diverge during differentiation. Studying the seed pod of Arabidopsis, Ferrándiz et al. now identify some of the signals that differentiate valve cells from margin cells. A negative interaction between the FRUITFULL and SHATTERPROOF genes ensures that cells in a narrow strip along the edge of the valve acquire characteristics such that a particular zone of the seed pod (the dehiscence zone) can break to release seeds. Dehiscence, as well as lignification, which is also regulated by FRUITFULL, are important agronomic traits.

Ferrándiz, C., Liljegren, S.J., and Yanofsky, M.F. (2000) Negative regulation of the SHATTERPROOF genes by FRUITFULL during Arabidopsis fruit development. Science 289: 436-438. [Abstract] [Full Text]

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