Editors' ChoiceHistidine Kinases

From Hormones to Genes in Plants

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Science's STKE  20 Nov 2001:
Vol. 2001, Issue 109, pp. tw427
DOI: 10.1126/stke.2001.109.tw427

The receptor for the plant hormone known as cytokinin is a histidine kinase. Sakai et al. now demonstrate that a target for this receptor kinase is the response regulator ARR1, which contains DNA binding domains that can be put to good use in activating downstream target genes. The receptor and the response regulator together act as a two-component system that transduces hormone detection into transcriptional regulation.

H. Sakai, T. Honma, T. Aoyama, S. Sato, T. Kato, S. Tabata, A. Oka, ARR1, a transcription factor for genes immediately responsive to cytokinins. Science 294, 1519-1521 (2001). [Abstract] [Full Text]

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