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Information with a Twist

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Science's STKE  04 Sep 2001:
Vol. 2001, Issue 98, pp. tw13
DOI: 10.1126/stke.2001.98.tw13

DNA microarrays show tremendous power for yielding information. By sorting on the basis of fluorescent protein expression, Furlong et al. acquired enough biological material to do DNA microarray analysis on Drosophila embryos of known developmental stages and known mutant status. With a particular view toward mesoderm development, the data yield information on hundreds of genes that are turned on and off during normal mesoderm development, seemingly orchestrated by a particularly important transcription factor, Twist. Analysis of embryos lacking Twist and embryos overexpressing Twist, when compared to expression profiles from normal embryos, leads to insights into the function of individual genes as well as groups of coregulated genes.

E. E. M. Furlong, E. C. Andersen, B. Null, K. P. White, M. P. Scott, Patterns of gene expression during Drosophila mesoderm development. Science 293, 1629-1633 (2001). [Abstract] [Full Text]

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