Editors' ChoiceNeural Development

Layer by Layer

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Science's STKE  26 Feb 2002:
Vol. 2002, Issue 121, pp. tw91
DOI: 10.1126/stke.2002.121.tw91

During development, neurons of the mammalian cerebral cortex are generated at distant sites and must migrate to their final location. The signaling mechanisms that are involved in these migrations are now being elucidated. McEvilly et al. examined the role of two POU-domain transcription factors, Brn-1 and Brn-2, in neuronal migration. When Brn-1 and Brn-2 were eliminated in mice, defects were seen in cortical layers II-V. Brn-1 and Brn-2 directly contribute to the transcription of p35 and p39, two regulatory subunits of Cdk5, a molecule that is known to regulate neuronal migration. Hence, Brn-1 and Brn-2 regulate the Cdk5 pathway and are necessary for the proper radial migration of neurons within specific cortical layers.

R. J. McEvilly, M. Ortiz de Diaz, M. D. Schonemann, F. Hooshmand, M. G. Rosenfeld, Transcriptional regulation of cortical neuron migration by POU domain factors. Science 295, 1528-1532 (2002). [Abstract] [Full Text]

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