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Role of Transcription Factors in Neural Development

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Science's STKE  04 Jan 2005:
Vol. 2005, Issue 265, pp. tw2
DOI: 10.1126/stke.2652005tw2

Neural development is often thought to be a matter of axons finding the right connections. Gray et al. highlight the importance of transcription in regulating neural development. Analysis of the mouse genome revealed more than 1000 genes that encode transcription factors. In situ hybridization studies further revealed that more than 300 transcription factors were differentially expressed in the central nervous system during development.

P. A. Gray, H. Fu, P. Luo, Q. Zhao, J. Yu, A. Ferrari, T. Tenzen, D.-I. Yuk, E. F. Tsung, Z. Cai, J. A. Alberta, L.-p. Cheng, Y. Liu, J. M. Stenman, M. T. Valerius, N. Billings, H. A. Kim, M. E. Greenberg, A. P. McMahon, D. H. Rowitch, C. D. Stiles, Q. Ma, Mouse brain organization revealed through direct genome-scale TF expression analysis. Science 306, 2255-2257 (2004). [Abstract] [Full Text]

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