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PINning Down Auxin Flow

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Science's STKE  16 May 2006:
Vol. 2006, Issue 335, pp. tw165
DOI: 10.1126/stke.3352006tw165

The plant hormone auxin regulates a variety of growth and developmental responses and must be transported within the plant in an organized fashion. Petrášek et al. (see Brevia by Wiśniewska and Perspective by Siberer and Leyser) now show, using inducible overexpression in plant cells and expression in human and yeast cells, that the protein PIN is responsible for the direction in which auxin flows out of the cell.

J. Petrášek, J. Mravec, R. Bouchard, J. J. Blakeslee, M. Abas, D. Seifertová, J. Wiśniewska, Z. Tadele, M. Kubeš, M. Čovanová, P. Dhonukshe, P. Skůpa, E. Benková, L. Perry, P. Křeček, O. R. Lee, G. R. Fink, M. Geisler, A. S. Murphy, C. Luschnig, E. Zažímalová, J. Friml, Pin proteins perform a rate-limiting function in cellular auxin efflux. Science 312, 914-918 (2006). [Abstract] [Full Text]

J. Wiśniewska, J. Xu, D. Seifertová, P. B. Brewer, K. Růžička, I. Blilou, D. Rouquié, E. Benková, B. Scheres, J. Friml, Polar PIN localization directs auxin flow in plants. Science 312, 883 (2006). [Abstract] [Full Text]

T. Sieberer, O. Leyser, Auxin transport, but in which direction? Science 312, 858-860 (2006). [Summary] [Full Text]

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