17 October 2006
Vol 2006, Issue 357
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      • Why a Diet Rich in Seafood Is Healthy

        Docosahexaenoate (DHA) inhibits activation of NF-κB to prevent COX-2 expression and production of inflammatory prostaglandins.

      • Actin Dynamics and Ethanol Sensitivity

        Two studies suggest that disruption of mechanisms involved in regulating actin dynamics affects sensitivity to ethanol.

      • Innately Malignant?

        RalB signaling links innate immune signaling with cancer cell survival.

      • No NFAT, No Fat

        Animals starved of NFAT transcription factors are resistant to diet-induced obesity.

      • Dual Cleavage Events Activate TGF-β

        Cleavage by BMP-1-like proteinases followed by cleavage by metalloproteinase releases active TGF-β from the extracellular matrix.

      • Not-So-Simple Switches

        Multiple untranslated RNA sequences can occur in series upstream of genes to create complex genetic switches regulated by metabolites rather than proteins.

      • Dealing with DNA Damage

        The death of cells with damaged DNA results in part from altered localization of a transcription factor, triggered by a cell cycle protein.

      • Branching Out

        Ductal branches in the adult female mammary gland position themselves during development according to the geometry of the precursor epithelial tubule.

      • Rethinking Viral Resistance

        Although multiple genes are generally thought to control an individual’s resistance to infection, only one gene determines susceptibility to a herpesvirus.

About The Cover

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COVER This week features a Perspective on the role of astrocyte volume-regulated anion channels in communication between cells in the central nervous system. The image depicts neurons and an astrocyte. [Image: Christopher Bickel, AAAS]