24 October 2006
Vol 2006, Issue 358
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      • Protein Degradation and Growth Regulation

        A protein identified as a tumor suppressor controls overall protein synthesis rates through a translation initiation factor, promoting cell proliferation and growth.

      • Memories of the Proteasome

        Protein degradation may be as important as new protein synthesis in producing long-term changes in synapse function.

      • Regulating ROS Metabolism

        PGC-1α plays a critical role in regulating ROS metabolism and may present a target for therapeutic manipulation.

      • How to Get from IgM to IgG

        Decreased signaling through PI3K is required for class switch recombination.

      • Immune Response Regulation

        The protein through which HIV infects immune cells normally senses a heat shock protein from mycobacteria to initiate an antibacterial response.