19 December 2006
Vol 2006, Issue 366
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      • Quieting the Brain at Birth

        A burst of maternal oxytocin activates an inhibitory system during labor, thus protecting the neonatal rat brain from injury resulting from oxygen deprivation.

      • The "Other" G Protein Corrals PKA

        o binds PKA, thereby directing its subcellular localization and regulating its downstream effects.

      • Climbing the Gradient

        Human leukocytes amplify a chemoattractant gradient by making their own gradient of other signaling molecules.

      • Injectable Virulence

        Genetic mapping identifies the proteins that cause toxoplasmosis when injected by the parasite, one of which is a kinase that interferes with the host signaling pathways.

About The Cover

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COVER This week features a Review on how stochastic fluctuations contribute to cellular and organismal phenotypes. Development of the Drosophila eye, depicted in the image, depends on stochastic fluctuations. [Image: Clouds Hill Imaging Ltd./Corbis]