02 January 2007
Vol 2007, Issue 367
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    • Editorial Guide

      • 2006: Signaling Breakthroughs of the Year

        Signaling breakthroughs included molecules and processes both outside cells and inside cells, from channels in the membrane to chromatin in the nucleus.

    • Review

    • Editors' Choice

      • Cathepsins Sculpt Toes

        Lysosomal enzymes contribute to programmed cell death during digit formation.

      • Asymmetric Turning Mechanisms

        Attractive—but not repulsive—growth cone turning appears to depend on asymmetric vesicle trafficking and exocytosis.

      • News on Networking

        Proteins with many simultaneous partners tend to be conserved, whereas those with one partner at a time are more likely to vary among species.

      • Details Define Double Duty

        A dual-function protein switches from its compact enzymatic form to an extended RNA binding form through extensive domain rearrangements.

      • What's in a Vaccine?

        Adjuvants added to vaccines boost responses, surprisingly, without acting through known innate immunity receptors, which indicates a need for vaccine development strategies.