09 January 2007
Vol 2007, Issue 368
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      • It Takes Two to Sense CO2

        Coexpression of two "gustatory receptors" is required for CO2 detection in Drosophila.

      • Subverting the Histone Code

        Shigella OspF blocks phosphorylation of histone H3 to prevent activation of specific genes involved in the immune response.

      • Saved from Proteolysis

        Erythropoietin protects differentiating erythroid cells from apoptosis by promoting nuclear localization of Hsp70.

      • Connecting GPCRs to NF-κB

        A common adaptor complex couples diverse receptors to activation of NF-κB.

      • Inhibiting Osteoclast Formation

        The extracellular matrix component hyaluronan inhibits formation of bone resorptive cells by activating the Toll-like receptor TLR4.

      • How Do TrkA and p75 Interact?

        Do functional interactions between p75 and TrkA depend on downstream signaling rather than ternary complexes?

      • Cellular Mechanics Up Close and Personal

        Adhesions on a cell membrane act as molecular clutches to transmit forces from the actin cytoskeleton within a cell to the extracellular substrate, directing cell movement.

      • Cellular Accounting

        A microfluidic device captures cells, lyses them, and separates their contents, allowing naturally fluorescent and labeled proteins in a single cell to be counted.

      • Enzyme Kinetics in Living Color

        Fluorescence imaging microscopy can distinguish enzyme molecules within a single cell that are actively involved in signaling versus ones that are being deactivated.

      • Giving Lotus the Nodule

        In the legume Lotus, symbiotic, nitrogen-fixing bacteria induce formation of the root nodules in which they reside by eliciting a growth response from the plant itself.

      • Choosing the Right Path

        Two different types of dendritic cells in the immune system present antigen in different ways to elicit distinct immune responses.

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