13 February 2007
Vol 2007, Issue 373
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      • A Motor for Netrin Receptors

        The netrin receptors neogenin and DCC interact with and differentially regulate neurite extension through the atypical myosin Myo X.

      • Opening the Nuclear Gates

        Hormones that stimulate Ca2+ signaling may modulate transcription of target genes by regulating nuclear envelope permeability.

      • Mobile mRNA Makes Potatoes

        Systemic transport of mRNA molecules links changes in day length to tuber formation.

      • The Grim Reaper on Autopilot?

        Two cell death-related proteins need to be constantly inhibited by prosurvival proteins to prevent death by default in human cells.

      • Shifting the Balance

        Endocannabinoid-mediated long-term depression in the indirect pathway appears to contribute to striatal control of motor activity.

      • A Receptor for Vitamin A Uptake

        A membrane protein with a previously unknown function binds the carrier protein for vitamin A, causes release of the vitamin, and transports it into cells.

      • Two Wings Good, Four Wings Better

        Moths' antennae detect rotational motion and relay this mechanosensory input to neural centers to maintain stability during flight.

About The Cover

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COVER This week features a Perspective on glucose regulation of genes that encode proteins involved in photosynthesis. The image depicts formation of a nuclear complex that includes the glycolytic enzyme hexokinase under conditions of excess glucose. [Image: Christopher Bickel, AAAS]