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Joint Effort

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Science's STKE  20 Feb 2007:
Vol. 2007, Issue 374, pp. tw63
DOI: 10.1126/stke.3742007tw63

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune condition that leads to joint inflammation. Lee et al. (see the Perspective by Firestein) identify a new regulator of the cellular organization of the synovium that might also provide a potential therapeutic target for inflammatory arthritis. Mice lacking the cell adhesion molecule cadherin-11 showed significantly reduced growth of the synovium and were resistant to the development of an experimentally induced RA-like condition. Joint inflammation in mice could be inhibited with a monoclonal antibody to cadherin-11.

D. M. Lee, H. P. Kiener, S. K. Agarwal, E. H. Noss, G. F. M. Watts, O. Chisaka, M. Takeichi, M. B. Brenner, Cadherin-11 in synovial lining formation and pathology in arthritis. Science 315, 1006-1010 (2007). [Abstract] [Full Text]

G. S. Firestein, Every joint has a silver lining. Science 315, 952-953 (2007). [Summary] [Full Text]

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