20 March 2007
Vol 2007, Issue 378
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      • Cheering Up with VEGF

        VEGF may mediate both behavioral effects of antidepressants and their effects on hippocampal cell proliferation.

      • Using the TIR Domain to Recognize Pathogens

        The TIR domain of a plant Resistance (R) protein is necessary and sufficient to promote the hypersensitive response to a Tobacco mosaic virus elicitor protein.

      • Keeping Things Quiet

        To protect itself from host defenses, the RNA virus HIV has evolved a way to dampen the host cell's RNA-silencing machinery.

      • From MicroRNA to Carcinogenesis

        Loss of miRNA binding sites in the mRNA for a chromatin-associated protein contributes to its overexpression and consequent cancer-promoting ability.

About The Cover

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COVER This week features a Protocol that describes software used to explore how polarization in membrane lipids occurs in response to chemotactic stimuli. The image depicts the simulated PIP3 concentration when a cell is experiencing chemotactic stimuli from two point sources at opposing poles.