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Plant Hormone Signaling Receptor

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Science's STKE  27 Mar 2007:
Vol. 2007, Issue 379, pp. tw106
DOI: 10.1126/stke.3792007tw106

The hormone abscisic acid (ABA) regulates a variety of developmental and physiological processes in higher plants. Liu et al. (see the Perspective by Grill and Christmann) have now identified a membrane-bound protein that functions as an ABA receptor. The protein, GCR2, has features of a G protein-coupled receptor, which has thousands of variants in animal cells but very few known variants in plant cells.

X. Liu, Y. Yue, B. Li, Y. Nie, W. Li, W.-H. Wu, L. Ma, A G protein-coupled receptor is a plasma membrane receptor for the plant hormone abscisic acid. Science 315, 1712-1716 (2007). [Abstract] [Full Text]

E. Grill, A. Christmann, A plant receptor with a big family. Science 315, 1676-1677 (2007). [Summary] [Full Text]

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