03 July 2007
Vol 2007, Issue 393
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      • Targeting CREB's Activity

        Transducers of regulated CREB (TORCs) are crucial for cAMP-responsive gene activation.

      • Calcium Channels Get ROCKed

        ROCK mediates the regulation of T-type Ca2+ channels by lysophosphatidic acid.

      • Decision-Making in the Fly

        Drosophila require dopamine neurons within a memory-related area of the brain to make nuanced choices between similar stimuli.

      • Yeast In Synch

        Yeast cells in alternating respiratory and glycolytic phases synthesize new DNA and divide only during glycolysis, avoiding high mutation rates that characterize respiration.

      • Timeless Changes

        A recent variant of a circadian clock gene may alter diapause timing in wild European Drosophila, and selection may explain its north-south distribution.

      • Decap to Form Veins

        The mRNA decay pathway that involves decapping is essential to proper plant development.

About The Cover

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COVER This week features a Perspective on regulation of vesicle release by a voltage-gated potassium channel. The image depicts interaction of the Kv2.1 channel with the vesicle fusion machinery. [Image: Christopher Bickel, AAAS]