25 September 2007
Vol 2007, Issue 405
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      • Opposing Signals Working Together

        The calcium increase at fertilization independently activates kinase and phosphatase activity.

      • Control of a Metamorphic Switch

        A microRNA-mediated feedback loop contributes to regulation of insect metamorphosis.

      • Sensing Sugar in the Gut

        Taste receptors appear to play a role in sensing sugar in the intestinal tract.

      • Tag Team

        A family of ubiquitin ligases targets SUMOylated proteins.

      • Gating ASICs

        Acid-sensing ion channels exist as trimers that may be gated through movement of an extracellular "thumb."

      • Transporting Zinc

        The crystal structure of a bacterial membrane transporter reveals that it uses an unusual two-site, zinc-for-proton exchange mechanism.

      • Solution Interactions via Interferometry

        Free-solution, label-free molecular interactions can be investigated using back-scattering interferometry (BSI), which allows quantification of Kd values ranging from micromolar to picomolar using minuscule quantities of the binding pairs.

      • Moving Through an Electrical Field

        Metastatic cells appear to use the epidermal growth factor receptor ErbB1 to migrate through an electric field.

About The Cover

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COVER This week features a Perspective on variant IFN-α proteins with distinct activities. The image depicts human IFN-α. [Image based on PDB 1rh2.]