30 October 2007
Vol 2007, Issue 410
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      • Ras Versus Fas

        Oncogenic Ras directs the epigenetic silencing of genes that inhibit tumorigenesis.

      • A "Rsk"y Shortcut in Dendritic Cells

        In dendritic cells, the "cis" function of one of the two kinase domains of Rsk protein kinases can be replaced "in trans" by another MAPK-activated protein kinase.

      • ADP for ATP Exchange Mechanism

        The NOD protein MalT appears to cycle between an ADP-bound inactive state and an ATP-bound active state.

      • Need ADP to See

        Adenosine diphosphate signaling initiates development of the eye.

      • Providing a Calcium Source

        Localization of BK channels to lipid rafts may enable IP3-mediated signaling pathways to activate BK channels in glioma cells.

      • Extracellular Death Factor

        A small peptide mediates programmed cell death in a bacterial population, offsetting starvation, clearing a toxin, or halting the spread of a virus infection.

      • Plant-Pathogen Arms Race

        In pepper plants, a protein from a bacterial pathogen acts as a transcription factor that both elongates cells, the characteristic sign of infection, and induces a defensive response.

      • The Makings of Self-Pollination

        Unlike their ancestors, domesticated tomatoes self-fertilize because a cell elongation mutation causes short styles, burying the female reproductive parts among male anthers.

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COVER This week's Focus Issue, published in conjunction with the Science Special Collection on Decision-Making, highlights cellular decision-making events (see the Editorial Guide). The image depicts a neuronal stem cell and its potential fates of a glia or a neuron. [Image: Christopher Bickel, AAAS]