27 November 2007
Vol 2007, Issue 414
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      • Food for Thought?

        The hormone leptin, which suppresses appetite, protects dopaminergic neurons from neurotoxin-induced apoptosis.

      • Starved into Submission?

        Regulatory T cells may inhibit the immune response by depriving effector T cells of cytokines and thereby eliciting their apoptotic death.

      • Oxygen-Starved Worms

        Hypoxic preconditioning occurs in nematodes and is dependent on the Apaf-1 homolog, CED-4.

      • Domesticated Mobile Elements Modulate Light Responses

        Transcription factors that modulate light responses in plants have been co-opted from an ancestral transposon, suggesting that mobile elements are a driving force in evolution.

      • β2-Adrenergic Receptor Structures

        The 2.4 Å structure of the human β2-adrenergic receptor displays an architecture and helical orientation distinct from that of rhodopsin, the prototypical member of this family.

      • InsP7 and Insulin Release

        Pancreatic β cells maintain high amounts of the signaling molecule inositol pyrophosphate to help ensure ready release of insulin in response to metabolic demands.

About The Cover

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COVER This week features a Perspective that discusses how the activity of SOS is regulated by the binding of an allosteric Ras molecule. The image shows SOS and two molecules of Ras based on PDB 1nvu.