09 March 2010
Vol 3, Issue 112
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    • Perspective

      • PINing for Things Past

        Memory storage requires the inhibition of a peptidyl-prolyl isomerase to enable synthesis of the kinase PKMζ.

    • Review

    • Editors' Choice

      • Double-Duty MicroRNA: Destroy and Decoy

        miR-328 promotes the production of a protein by competing with its transcript for an inhibitory RNA binding protein.

      • Mutual Suppression by Internalization

        Stimulation by parathyroid hormone promotes endocytosis of its receptor in complex with the TGF-β receptor.

      • Corpse-Sorting Machinery

        An intracellular membrane-sorting machinery participates in cellular corpse clearance.

      • Eating by the Clock

        Circadian oscillators in gustatory receptor neurons mediate rhythms in taste sensitivity and modulate feeding behavior in Drosophila.

      • Sestrin and the Consequences of Aging

        Sestrin proteins protect fruit flies from the tissue degeneration and disruption of metabolic homeostasis that accompany aging.

      • Reexamining Glial Function

        Previous reports of glial cell activity may reflect the pharmacological approaches used and not endogenous activity.

About The Cover

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Online Cover This week's issue features a Review about the Cnc transcription factors, especially mammalian Nrf2, which orchestrate the transcriptional response of cells to oxidative stressors, such as those found in cigarette smoke. Although Cnc factors help protect against oxidative stress and aging-associated disorders, their activity paradoxically declines in aging model organisms and in humans suffering from progressive respiratory disease or neurodegeneration. [Image:]