16 March 2010
Vol 3, Issue 113
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      • Ido for Lowering Blood Pressure

        Tryptophan metabolism to kynurenine represents a previously unknown pathway for regulation of blood pressure during systemic inflammation.

      • Death Transferred

        The interaction between cytochrome c and Apaf-1 is blocked by tRNA, thus inhibiting the activation of caspases.

      • Signaling by Diffusion

        Actin and ezrin networks limit signaling through the BCR by restricting its mobility.

      • Moving Signals

        Mechanical forces acting on a cell-surface receptor affect the activation of a signaling pathway involved in breast cancer.

      • Thalidomide Target Identified

        Thalidomide binding to a component of an E3 ubiquitin ligase induces developmental defects in vertebrates.

      • Building Muscle Is a Pain

        Bradykinin released during exercise stimulates nerve growth factor production by muscle, which sensitizes pain nerves and leads to delayed muscle soreness.

      • Steady As She Blows

        Models of metabolic regulation show how the stability of specific components is maintained within a varying environment.

About The Cover

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Online Cover This week's issue features a Research Article describing a mathematical approach to narrow down the possible pathways that a cell uses to respond to a stimulus. With this approach, the authors showed that two isoforms of the kinase Raf contribute to activation of extracellular signal–regulated kinase by epidermal growth factor. [Image: Chris Bickel, AAAS]