30 March 2010
Vol 3, Issue 115
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      • When a Channel Is Not a Channel

        In fish, the calcium channel required for excitation-contraction coupling does not conduct calcium.

      • Heart Cell Signaling in 3D

        A change in the distribution of a signaling molecule on the surface of heart muscle cells may contribute to heart failure.

      • TWEAKing Muscle Atrophy

        Denervation makes muscles more responsive to the muscle-wasting cytokine TWEAK.

      • Fickle Phenylalanine Mutation

        A mutation in the leptin receptor causes adult-onset and diet-induced obesity in mice.

      • Taking the Tube

        Membranous tubular connections between natural killer cells and their targets facilitate long-distance killing.

      • One Egg at a Time

        Silencing of transposable elements by ARGONAUTE 9 is necessary to specify a single female gamete in Arabidopsis.

      • Toothsome Signaling Parameters

        Simple changes in signaling mechanisms can explain variation in tooth morphology in a wild population of seals.

      • Lipid Kinase Revealed

        Structural data might provide a foundation to develop specific inhibitors to a class of phosphoinositide 3-kinases.

      • A Pathway to Leukemia

        The self-renewing cells that drive the growth of leukemia arise, in part, through activation of a well-known cell signaling pathway.

      • “Spontaneous” Release Trigger

        Spontaneous synaptic vesicle fusion is triggered by soluble proteins that compete with synaptotagmins to induce membrane curvature.

About The Cover

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Online Cover This week's issue features a Research Article describing the role of the LKB1-activated kinase NUAK1 in decreasing cellular adhesion. The image shows that cells lacking NUAK1 remain attached despite treatments that cause normal cells to detach. [Image: Anna Zagórska and Alan R. Prescott, University of Dundee]