18 May 2010
Vol 3, Issue 122
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      • Found in Translation?

        The netrin receptor DCC regulates local protein translation.

      • Lending a Helping Hand

        The functional diversity of GABAB receptor responses is endowed by tetrameric KCTD proteins that are part of the receptor complex.

      • CRAC Team

        CRACR2A regulates the sensitivity of CRAC channels to calcium.

      • Systemic Nodulation Regulation

        Peptide signals of the CLE family provide both local and systemic regulation of plant-bacteria symbiosis.

      • siRNA Movement in Plant Tissues

        Small double-stranded interfering RNAs move between cells and can direct DNA methylation.

      • It's a Knockout

        A calcium-dependent protein kinase is essential for blood-stage proliferation of the human malaria parasite.

      • Fueling the Cancer Cell

        Altered metabolic needs of cancer cells may provide a means to selectively inhibit their growth.

      • Counting Na+ Channels One by One

        Freeze fracture methods allow a numerical estimate of Na+ channel density in different compartments of CA1 pyramidal cells.

About The Cover

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Online Cover This week's issue features a Research Article describing how overexpression of a protein called c-mip in mice produces phenotypes similar to idiopathic nephrotic syndrome, which includes minimal change nephrotic syndrome (MCNS). The image shows a glomerulus in a kidney from a patient with MCNS. [Image: Djillali Sahali, INSERM, France]